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Actions Title   Author
View Record  1066: The Year of the Conquest David Howarth, 1977
View Record  1215: The Year of the Magna Carta Danhy Danziger and John Gillingham, 2003
View Record  A Distant Mirror; The Calamitous 14th Century Barbara W. Tuchman, 1978
View Record  An Illustrated History of France Translated by Henry L. Binsse and Gerald Hopkins, 1980
View Record  Arbella: England's Lost Queen Sarah Gristwood, 2003
View Record  Charlemagne: From the Hammer to the Cross Richard Winston, 1954
View Record  Charlemagne: The Legend and the Man Harold Lamb, 1963
View Record  De Danske Baptisers Historie i Amerika AF Nels Sorensen Lawdahl, 1909
View Record  Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors By Linda Jones and Paul Miner, 2002
View Record  Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Mother Queen Desmond Seward,1978
View Record  Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe Nancy Goldstone, 2007
View Record  Genealogical Maps and Guides to Norwegian Parish Registers Compiled by Finn A. Thomsen, 1988
View Record  German-Poland-Notgeld and Locations Courtney L. Coffing, 1996
View Record  Index to Surnames for the Villages of Kreis Cammin Compiled by the Translators, John and Liesel Hingst
View Record  King John, 1167-1216 W.L. Warren, 1978
View Record  Kings, Queens, Bones and Bastards (Who's Who in the English Monarchy from Egbert To Elizabeth II) David Hilliam, 1998
View Record  Ladies in Waiting (From the Tudors to the present Day) Anne somerset, 2004
View Record  Medieval Warfare HW Koch, 1978
View Record  Queen Isabelle (Treachery, Adultery and Murder in Medieval England) Alison Weir, 2007
View Record  Scottish Genealogy Bruce Durie, 2015
View Record  The Armada (400th Anniversary Edition) Garrett Mattingly, 1953
View Record  The Death of Kings (Royal Deaths in Medieval England) Michael Evans, 2007
View Record  The Greatest Traitor: The Life of Sir Roger Mortimer, Ruler of England, 1327-1330 Ian Mortimer, 2005
View Record  The History of Europe and the Church: The Relationship that Shaped the Western World Text by Keith W. Stump, Part 1 through 5, 1983 and parts 6 through 10, 1984
View Record  The King and Queens of England and Scottland Plantagenet Somerset, 1990
View Record  The Last Knight (The Twilight of the Middle Ages and The Birth of the Modern Era) Norman F. Cantor, 2004
View Record  The Last Plantagenets Thomas Costain (page references)
View Record  The Life and Times of Richard III Anthony Cheetham, 1998
View Record  The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 Frederick Lewis Weis, TH. D. (Fifth Edition), 1999
View Record  The Medieval World, 300 - 1300 (Second Edition) Edited by Norman F. Cantor, Brandeis University, 1969
View Record  The Normans in European History Charles Homer Haskins, (Originally Published in 1915, The Edition Published by Barnes and Noble Inc., 1995
View Record  The Plantagenet Chronicles (Medieval Europe's most Tempestuous Family: Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart and King John) General Editor: Elizabeth Hallam, 1995
View Record  The Plantagenet Encyclopedia (An Alphabet Guie to 400 Years of English History) General Editor: Elizabeth Hannam, 1996
View Record  The Princes in the Tower Elizabeth Jenkins, 1978
View Record  The Royal Bastars of Medieval England Chris Given-Wilson and Alice Curtels, 1995
View Record  The Scotch-Irish and Ulster-Scot Historical Society, 1965
View Record  The Scottish Chiefs By Jane Porter; Published by Chicago and New York Rand, McNally & Company
View Record  The Scottish Pioneers of upper Canada 1784 - 1855 Glengarry and Beyond Lucille H. Campey, 2005
View Record  The Sisters of Henry VIII (The Tumultuous Lives of Margaret of Scotland and Mary of France) Mary Perry, 1998
View Record  The Spear and the Spindle: Ancestors of Sir Francis Bryan (d. 1550), Kt T.A. Fuller, 1993
View Record  The Tower of London R.J. Minney, 1970
View Record  The Tower of London Derek Wilson, 1978
View Record  The Troubadour's Song (The Capture, Imprisonment and Ransom of Richard the Lionheart) David Boyle, 2005
View Record  The Tudor Chronicles, 1485-1603 Susan Doran
View Record  The Villages of Kreis Cammin; English Translation of 'Die Dorfer" Section of Kreis Kammin-Land Gerhard Bronisch and Waltee Ohie, 2007
View Record  Tower of London (A History of England from the Norman Conquest) Christopher Hibbert, 1980
View Record  Tracing Your Canal Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians Sue Wilkes, 2011
View Record  Who's Who in British History: Early Medieval England, 1066 - 1272 Christopher Tyerman, 1996
View Record  Who's Who in British History: Late Medieval England, 1272- 1485 Michael Evans, 2007
View Record  Who's Who in British History: Tudor England, 1485-1603 C.R.N. Routh, 1990
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Records: 1 to 50 of 51